Are you satisfied with your current software when it comes to accounting? To put it plainly, no other system even approaches our Accounting features.
  • Accurate Data Field staff or even volunteers can only use the accounts they have access to. No more just typing in an incorrect account number.
  • We Speak Your Language We know your fund codes, account codes, project codes, and class codes - as well as when to use each!
  • Automated Processes Refunds, GL transfers for paying for camp facilities, camperships and vouchers - these are all things you're probably doing manually. We have built-in processes!
  • PeopleSoft Upload We are the only event registration vendor with a PeopleSoft upload process!
  • Jitasa Approved Jitasa has been fully trained on Black Pug Software.
If you're tired of fighting with your current system when it comes to getting the data into the GL, take a look at what we do and prepare to say "Wow!"

Accurate Data

Do you have inaccurate camping and event data going into the GL? Maybe transactions were generated with the wrong project or account code, or maybe your current software makes it difficult to find the correct data.

How are we different?

  • All your accounts are in the system. Users choose their accounts from a list. This ensures real accounts are used!
  • Users only see accounts they have access to. Field staff only see their own accounts so they're less likely to pick an incorrect account. This is how it should be!

We Speak Your Language

Can you talk GL with your current software vendor? Do they know your codes and when to use each? Do they understand your deferral process, your campership process, your refund process, your process to transfer money internally for camp use?

We do.

We understand your accounting standards and have built them into the system!

Automated Processes

You can't function without processes and procedures. We work with them to make them better.

  • Refunds are a process. We generate the check request and use electronic signatures for a three-step approval process. Fully documented and auditor approved!
  • Internal GL camp transfers are a process. Stop managing this on paper - we put it all online. Makes it simple to manage, and ensures camps see their revenue!
  • Camperships are a process. Online applications, approvals, applying to Scouts' registrations, and even transferring the money in the GL are all built-in! We've made it quick, accurate, and easy!
  • PeopleSoft uploads. Ready to be done manually entering all this information into the GL? We are the only registration system that supports uploading full transaction detail into the GL, because we are the only one who understands your GL and works with it!
  • Jitasa approved. All they need is a user account so they pull all their own data. Removes you as the middleman when you don't need to be!